What is ScanMe?

Scanme allows you to create and manage a unique QR barcode. This enables anyone who scans your barcode with their smartphone to see what you want - such as options to connect with your social media sites with one-click.

What is a QR barcode?

The Quick Response (QR) barcode is one of the world’s most popular types of two-dimensional barcode, readable by virtually all scanning apps on smartphones in any orientation.

Why should I barcode myself?

If you don't know someone's phone or email address, barcode scanning is the most effective way of sharing details quickly, enabling them to save and use your information immediately on their phone. If you've not tried it before, download a free app (see homepage) and scan your barcode. You'll love it, or your money back!

Why use ScanMe to create the barcode?

We’ve taken all the hard technical bits - like social media integration and smartphone display optimisation - and created a really simple way for you to connect with people who scan your barcode. For example, with one-click, they can send you an invite to connect to your specified social media accounts. It's quick to setup, easy to use and useful.

What information does my barcode display?

Although your barcode remains the same, you control (and can change) what information you want to be made public when people scan your barcode. You can use it like an electronic business card, a social media instant connection device, or just a way of telling people what you're feeling like that day!

Where will people see my barcode?

Wherever you want. You can download the barcode image for free and print it on pretty much anything. Alternatively, you can visit the scanme shop which will display products unique to you. Imagine owning a funky T-shirt that people can actually interact with!